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At the Herding Taster Day, June 2012

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The breed notes below are kindly provided by Stella Smyth on their publication in the now defunct Dog World weekly paper.

1st April 2015

Retford Open Show is trying to encourage Cattle Dog exhibitors, they gave three classes at their show on 22nd March. A first judging appointment for breed specialist Iona Bailey (Bryndingo), which I hear she thoroughly enjoyed. She had eleven entries, with one absent on the day, and found her BOB in the winner of the Open Class, Miss K.Jebson’s Ch.Austmans Finn McMissile. RBOB went to Miss T.Roberts’ Garregddu Kamyiara with BPIB going to Miss K.Jebson’s Goolara Polar Express to Austmans.

The ACDS of GB AGM was held on the 29th March at the lovely home of Mr. & Mrs.Wright who gave us a warm welcome as always. The weather however was not so welcoming, rain and heavy winds preventing a number of people attending. Thankfully the day brightened and it was not so bitterly cold as last year. Along with the usual supporters, who are much appreciated, we welcomed a new participant, an “AGM virgin”, who I think found the whole event much more entertaining and a long way from being the dull meeting so often expected of AGMs. After the Society’s business had been transacted, there was a lovely spread of food and a chance to chat before the fun show organised by Denise. All in all a very sociable occasion. I didn’t really appreciate losing an hour’s sleep (who’s idea was it to pick this date?) but it was lovely to have daylight to drive home and unpack my car.

Don’t forget Guildford Open Show on Wed 27th May, cattle dogs are scheduled and entries can be made on-line via EJC print. The Secretary is Mrs.Hilary Male, tel 01903 767582

9th March 2015

America’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, their Crufts but on a much smaller scale, was held a couple of weeks ago. So far as I can work out there were seven cattle dogs there, I don’t know if more were entered but absent on the day. The overall show is limited by numbers and, as I understand it, once they have the maximum number of entries, the entries close. So it may be that more cattle dog exhibitors would have liked to be there but didn’t get the entry done in time. Two reds and five blues were on show with BOB going to GCH Corral West Feel The Sting, a red dog. BOS went to another red, GCH Stock Options What Goes Around Comes Around PT.

Hard to believe Crufts is over for another year. I was setting up the pictures on the Discover Dogs booth by 8.30am, having had a nice easy drive up, love the lighter mornings, especially when it’s dry and bright. The first enquiries, even before the booth was officially being manned, were for Australian Kelpies! I gather plenty of cattle dog enquiries were fielded over the rest of the four days. A huge thank you to all those who helped man the booth with their happy, even exuberant, cattle dogs! Your time and patience dealing with the questions and comments are much appreciated. I was so sorry to hear that Denise and Sue’s Chilli has had another bout of illness, thankfully short lived this time and she seems to have bounced back quickly. Such a worry after the scare with her last year, quite sensibly they did not bring her to Discover Dogs, maybe she can come next year.

37 entries for the breed classes with 7 absent on the day for judge Mrs.Zena Thorn-Andrews. 20 of the entries were overseas dogs with only 2 absent, while 5 of the 17 UK dogs were absent. Lovely to see some different dogs and enthusiastic owners, some we had met before but also a few new to Crufts. Answering some queries from a new German exhibitor at the beginning of the day and then having a chat at the end, I was pleased to hear they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and said how friendly everyone had been. They are hoping to qualify again for next year. As for the results:- 1st in OB, BCC winner and BOB went to Queblue Double D Legacy, bred in Australia by Flora McKeown but owned by Mr.F.Bianchi from Italy. He is also the owner of Queblue Aussie Icon, a previous Crufts BOB winner and sire of the JD winner, Icebreaker Di Monte Tonica, bred by Mr.Bianchi. 1st in JB and RBCC went to Banana Bender Anna La Regina, owned by Mr.P.Coletta from Italy. 1st in OD and DCC winner was last year’s BOB, IT/INT/LUX/FIN/RO/HR/H Ch.Banana Bender The Governor, also owned by Mr.P.Coletta. 1st in LD and RDCC winner was from France, Wantibirri Irony of Fate JW LJCH owned by Mrs.Schmidt. 1st in PB and BPIB was Miss J.Wright’s homebred Millebelle Khalisee from the UK.

The ACDS of GB AGM and Fun Show are coming up at the end of this month followed quickly by the Breed Seminar and Open Show with Ltd Obedience Show. The entries will have closed by the time these notes appear but spectators are welcome. So if anyone wants to meet the breed do come along.

19th February 2015

N.W.&P.B.S.Open Show had a few absentees on the day which was a shame but at least they weren’t caught up in either of the awful accidents on the M40 and M1. A reminder of just how careful we need to be driving on busy motorways. It was so interesting to see five youngsters in the PD/B class – so often only one or two dogs entered at this level. Judge Mrs.Lesley Wright found her BOB in Mrs.Digbys Ch.Am.Ch.Kurpas Saving Grace is Yarramans (Imp) while RBOB went to Miss J.Wright’s Millbelle Khalisee. I understand that Grace was short listed in the Group. Lovely to see Denise and Sue’s new import, Chilli, looking fit and well after the health scare when she arrived last year. She seems to be bouncing back – literally! Lovely happy dog. Also delightful was their other new import, Piccalilli, a Picardy Sheepdog, I could have taken her home, so sweet. I look forward to seeing all the pups developing as the year goes on, it has been a while since we had so many in the ring at once.

8th February 2015

A quick heads-up for anyone who is interested in doing the KC Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (Rules and Regulations) model in the Surrey area. The Lagotto Romagnolo Association will be holding a seminar on Saturday 11th April at Lightwater, very accessible for the Southern area. Cost is £15 if you just want a refresher or £25 if you want to do the exam, with a light lunch and refreshments included. Contact Mrs.A.Stephenson on 01276 471064 or email for booking or further details.

I was so sorry to hear that Val Wild has lost Curdeleon Baton Rouge at Kayval. Born on 31.12.1999, Rosie was bred by Jack & Pearl Chetwynd sired by Garregddu Adonis at Drenoss out of Curdeleon Red Velvet. She was the much loved companion of Keith and Val and I know was a great comfort to Val after her loss of Keith. Fifteen years is a long time and Rosie will leave a huge gap, my sympathy on your loss.

NW&PBS Open Show has a good entry of 13 for breed specialist Mrs.Lesley Wright. I completely missed the entries this year, just don’t know where the days go, how can it be February already? This is a nice show and usually worth a visit if anyone wants to meet a few cattle dogs in one place. It’s even better if they have the tea bar open!

Crufts will soon be upon us again, entries have closed at a respectable 37 for Mrs.Z.Thorn-Andrews. It will be interesting to see how many overseas dogs there are this year. I chose not to enter my dogs as it makes my life so much simpler carting Discover Dogs and Breed Stand paraphernalia around without a couple of cattle dogs in tow. However I look forward to seeing everyone there and having time to catch up and natter. I have volunteers for DD in place already but if anyone would like to do some time on the DD stand, do please contact me. Friday is well covered but there may be scope for volunteers on the other days.

2nd June 2014

Guildford and District CS  Open Show on 28th May had a couple of classes for ACDs. A new venue for this show, Merrist Wood College’s Equestrian Centre was not too popular with exhibitors. The parking will need a review if the society is going to use the venue again and it is just as well the weather wasn’t quite so wet that day! Hilary and I took four dogs along for judge Mr.Adam Beral. It was all totally politically incorrect as exhibitors were seen chatting to the judge before judging and then swopping dogs over during the class! Many thanks to the steward and the very nice terrier exhibitor who gave assistance as we had more dogs than handlers! Hilary and I enjoyed the outing but were grateful for short coated, reasonably far off the ground dogs! Hopefully the society will continue to put classes on for us and the ACDS of GB can nominate judges to help them get experience and numbers for their judging books.

Southern Counties Ch Show with no CCs only had two exhibitors on the day, and only one dog each! BD and BOB went to Mr.& Mrs.Bailey’s St.Etienne’s Outoftheclearbluesky (Imp) with BB going to Mrs.Fisher’s Banksia Blue. Glorious weather and a lovely venue so the low entry numbers must have been a disappointment to judge Elina Haapaniemi (Finland). At least the two she had were in lovely condition and with super temperaments.

Very early notice but if you put it on the calendar now then perhaps there will be a good entry for Grantham and District Canine Society’s Open Show in October. I know it seems a long way off but put it in the diary if you are close enough to be able to go. I believe it is October 14th but will try and remind everyone again nearer the time.

Don’t forget the ACDS of GB Fun Day on 14th June at Redditch, details were in the last notes or check the ACDS of GB website.

11th May 2014

I was still recovering from the shock of hearing of Elaine Gray’s untimely death when I was told that her sister has also died. Apparently she had cancer and had been in hospital for some time but two deaths in so few weeks is more than any family deserves to have to cope with. My heartfelt sympathy on your tragic losses.

Cat Rush and Russ Frisby were devastated to lose their lovely deaf ACD, Lola. Bred by Norma Digby out of Am.Ch./Ch.Kurpas Saving Grace is Yarramans by Ch.Tarrilly Access All Areas at Drenoss, she was not yet three. Her sudden and totally unexpected death was a terrible shock, particularly for Cat who rushed her to the vet but to no avail. Losing our animals is always hard to accept but when they are young and apparently fit it is even harder to come to terms with. Many of us have been there and I know send their sympathy. At least they still have her brother Bob to keep them occupied, I am sure he will be enjoying the undivided attention as so many ACDs do.

The Kennel Club would wish to clarify the position with regard to the recording of DNA test results for both prcd-PRA and CEA/CH. Both these DNA tests carry patents in the UK and most other European countries. The patents are owned by Cornell University in the US, and are licensed exclusively to OptiGen worldwide. They also have non-exclusive licensing of the CL test (for Border Collies) in Europe (and exclusive use of this patent in the USA). It is important to note therefore that the KC will only officially record the DNA results for these diseases if they have been tested by OptiGen (or Genetic Technologies in Australia who have a licence to perform the tests). Part of the patent includes the advertisement and recording of results and therefore whilst this patent is still in force, the Kennel Club will only be publishing the outcome of Optigen tests. The position the KC has taken stems purely from legal ramifications and has no reason to question the quality and reliability of tests offered by other labs. For clarification, only results of prcd-PRA or CEA/CH DNA tests issued by Optigen will be recorded by the KC, and these results will appear on registration certificates, in the BRS and online via Mate Select. However, we are aware that other laboratories such as Laboklin and Idexx have made arrangements with Optigen so that if any of their clients want either prcd-PRA or CEA/CH results recorded, these labs will send the DNA to Optigen and they will issue a result / certificate back to laboratory. If there are any queries please contact Gary Johnson, Breeder Services Manager, on 0844 4633 980 or

Birmingham Ch. Show on 11th May had Mrs.Sue Hewart-Chambers judging with ten entries ( two absent) a poor entry for a show with CCs but better than SKC where I believe the entry is only five! Mrs.Chambers found her BCC and BOB in Mr.K.J.& Mrs.N.P.Digby’s Yarraman Pollyann, RBCC went to the same owner’s Mudgee Blue Yarraman, dam of the winner. DCC winner was Miss K. Jebson’s Austmans Finn McMissile with RDCC going to Mr.R.& Mrs.B.E.Donnelly’s Jahanghir License to Kill for Heelerhill. BP went to Mr.D.& Mrs.C.Haynes Kulnara Indulkana To Carerra (Imp Fra).

Sunday 18th May will hopefully see the second ACDS of GB Triathlon run by Mrs.Brenda Bowgen at Oakwood Park Kennels. I say “hopefully” as I am very concerned about the heavy rain which is turning all the grass area to a pond! Fingers crossed that by the time these notes appear all will be fine!


13th April 2014

I was so shocked to hear the sad news of the untimely death of Elaine Gray, so sudden and unexpected. Elaine was known to us as one half of the Jahanghirs kennel of Australian Cattle Dogs. The little information I have been given suggests that she had been struggling for some time, so terribly upsetting that no-one was able to step in and give support which may have prevented her death. I know I am not alone in feeling sorrow and distress that she did not reach out to people who would have gladly helped in any way they could. My sympathy goes to her family, particularly her mother, as I understand there are other family problems. RIP Elaine.

It seems a little trite to discuss shows in the same notes as such a tragedy. However the ACDS of GB Open Show and Ltd Obedience Show was held on 6th April at Tollerton. Hopefully the last time at this venue as, while I love the venue once I get there, I do find it a tiresomely long journey that I can no longer do, there and back, in one day. Breed Judge was Diana Spavin (Dialynne) and she had twenty four dogs entered. BB & BIS went to Ms D.Cartwright & Ms S.Burdett’s Yarraman Takina to Drenoss, RBB & RBIS went to Ms T.Roberts Ch.Garreg Ddu Kamyiara. BD &  BOS was Mrs.S.Price’s Yarraman The Patriot with RBD going to Ms J.Omlo’s Austmans Dock of the Bay ShCM. BPIS was Ms K.Jebson’s Austmans Pioneer and BVIS was Mrs.L.Wright’s Ch.Yarraman Dare to Rock at Coright.

The Obedience Show was judged by Debbie Anstead (Riverwatcher) and a lot of fun was had by all, especially some of the dogs who enjoyed themselves rather more than their handlers! PreBeg D/B 1st was Mrs.S.Veal’s Windwarriors Blue Andover of Gamarada, 2nd was Mdmes Colton, Tune & Bonser’s lovely young rottie Javladare Get Crazy. Beg D/B 1st was Mr.R.Murrell’s Angelarc Nooree, great round! 2nd was my Hodderstorm Silver Duster at Morrow who still needs more work on stays – did better than last year though! Nov D/B 1st was Mrs.L.Plant’s Red Bindi, 2nd my Blue Jamberoo at Morrow, he also got 1st in Class ‘A’ D/B with Bindi coming 2nd.  All in all a good day.

The ACDS of GB Spring Newsletter was handed out to those present on the day and the rest will have gone in the post by the time these notes appear. A little later than intended due to personal circumstances, my apologies.

30th March 2014

The ACDS of GB Annual General Meeting was a well attended and very lively affair this year. Our thanks go to Lesley and Robert Wright who very generously allowed us to invade their home for the day and went out of their way to supply us with everything we needed. There was plenty to talk about and lots of laughs too. The minutes of the meeting will be sent out to Members with the next newsletter and a copy of the Health Report. All being well these should be available at the ACDS of GB Open Show and will be posted to Members who are not there to collect in person. There is now a full Committee so that should make it easier to arrange meetings, as it is hard when there are not many Members and not all can attend every meeting. Hopefully there will also be some new ideas and extra energy from our new recruits! Following the AGM we had a BYO buffet lunch, which was extremely well supported as always, then a fun show. Iona Bailey very kindly agreed to judge for us and had plenty of entries to go over. Interestingly the classes which seemed like they might be the easiest to judge turned out to be just a bit tricky! A little disappointing more of last year’s pups were not in attendance, it was a great opportunity for them to socialise as well as their owners. There was an impressive hail storm in the middle of the day – even the dogs didn’t want to go out for a while – but that didn’t have any great impact on the day. A successful day was rounded off with the ubiquitous raffle, again well supplied and supported.

Unfortunately the AGM clashed with Retford Open Show where there were ACD classes. I do not have the results but do know that Kimberly and Mark’s son Ben did well with his pup, Peppa. So good to hear as she was very poorly for a while last year. Guildford Canine Society have an Open Show with ACD classes coming up in the half term at the end of May and I believe South West Working and Pastoral is coming up soon too. Such a shame there isn’t an easy way of keeping tabs on which open shows have cattledog classes.

There may be another older ACD, about seven, coming up for rehoming. He is a nice blue boy who has had some training but is still quite lively. Ideally looking for a home with adults only or with older children, no cats and preferably a rural location. He can be a bit wilful but is also very responsive. He will need someone who is used to lively working breeds and who can give him lots to think about, definitely not a couch potato!

A bit early I know but the Kennel Club have just confirmed that Discover Dogs will be held at Earls Court on the 8th and 9th November this year. Last year we were told that the venue may not be available and we were asked about whether we would support the use of the Excel centre. It seems that this will be the last time we can use the Earls Court Hall as the building is up for refurbishment. If anyone wants to help man the breed stand then I expect that Hilary Powell will be the organiser for the rota, so please contact her in the first instance. I am sure I will be reminding you about this again much nearer the time.

19th March 2014

I forgot to mention in my Crufts’ notes that two of the dogs assisting with meet and greet on the Discover Dogs were deaf. They are both respectable examples of the breed and gave people the opportunity to see how deaf dogs respond and to discuss the pros and cons of living with them. No-one chooses to produce deaf pups but unfortunately they do occur even when there are generations of BAER hearing tests behind them. They can cope remarkably well as they are deaf, not stupid, so it was lovely to see them helping to promote the breed.

The year is running away from me already. The ACDS AGM is upon us as I write and the Open Breed and Limited Obedience Show is coming up on April 6th at Tollerton. Entries have closed for the show but visitors are welcome to come along on the day as it is an opportunity to meet ACDs and talk to their owners and breeders. I hope Retford has a reasonable entry for their open show as sadly that clashes with our AGM.

There is a sweet looking red ACD, possibly a cross, with large body spots, in the Dogs Trust centre at Kenilworth. I have told a couple of people about her but she is still there at the moment. She is described as needing a quieter home, maybe with another dog, and with children over twelve.

11th March 2014

There were two ACD walks organised by enthusiasts at opposite ends of the country on February 23rd. Both were lucky with reasonable weather and everyone participating appears to have enjoyed the outing. There were some super photos on-line and it was lovely to see ACDs relaxing and having a good social day out with other ACDs. I understand that the southern group were out for about three hours walking so they certainly earned their lunch!

Crufts has come and gone with frightening speed for yet another year, seems to get faster and faster. There was a good entry of thirty-three dogs for Mr.J.Luscott. Four absentees on the day, one of which was the dog who was BOB two years ago, disappointing that he didn’t come as I was looking forward to seeing him again, such a stunning dog. A good turnout of other overseas dogs though, with five from Italy and one from Denmark. We were first in the ring in Hall 4, a pleasant change of location which was not on the main thorough fare of general public but close enough for people to find us. Also nice to have a selection of different breeds in the ring after us so not the usual problem of being swamped by Aussie Shepherds and their owners. They are a nice enough breed but when our breed stand is surrounded by them, all trying to peer through into the ring, I am sure it puts ACD people off coming to visit the stand to chat and perhaps shop. Mr.Luscott found his DCC winner and BOB in Mr.P.Coletta’s ITA/INT/LUX/HRCH.Banana Bender The Governor, all the way from Italy. Winner of the VD class and RDCC went to Miss P.Schiavon’s Can.Ch.Reddenblu’s Let’s Smoke’em Out also from Italy. BCC went to the imported bitch AM.Ch.Kurpas Saving Grace is Yarramans owned by Mr.K.J.&Mrs.N.P.Digby. I believe this is her third UK CC making her, subject to KC confirmation, a UK Champion. RBCC went to Grace’s daughter, Ms D.R.Cartwright & MsS Burdett’s Yarraman Takina to Drenoss. BP went to Ms J.Omlo’s red boy, Austmans Dock of the Bay.

Discover Dogs was busy as ever over the four days of the show. Hilary Powell and I set up the booth on Wednesday evening. It was nice to be able to do it in a leisurely fashion before the crowds turned up next day. We had plenty of volunteers to man the stand and had three shifts each day so dogs and people could, in theory, get away and have a rest and enjoy the show. In reality just walking around the show with a dog means stopping at frequent intervals to answer the same questions that are asked when manning the stand! Many thanks to all who took the time to show their dogs to the general public and answer all those question about the breed and what it is like to live with them. Not all the dogs on the stand were show dogs and I think it was good to have people who enjoy ACDs purely as companions, or who enjoy doing some training, as they perhaps gave a slightly different slant to the conversations. There was a lot of interest in the KC’s new Obreedience iniative, maybe we will see an ACD team or two competing next year. Watch out for information about what is involved and how to go about being part of a team. As soon as we have the details we will try and make sure to circulate the information to all.

The next ACD event coming up will the the ACDS of GB Annual General Meeting on the 23rd March, followed on 6th April by the ACDS Open Breed and Limited Obedience Show. I hope we will see all our Members and friends at both.

21st February 2014

NW&PBS Open show on 15th February had a good entry of eleven (three absent) for Judge Mrs.K.Kennedy (Peakdreams). BOB was Mrs.S.Price’s Yarraman The Patriot who went on to be shortlisted in the Group. RBOB was Ms D.Cartwright and Ms S.Burdett’s Yarraman Takina to Drenoss. BP went to Mrs.S.Veal’s Windwarrior’s Blue Andover of Gamaranda. The venue was a little disappointing as they had problems with their tea urn and did not have the cafeteria open upstairs until midday. There was quite a group of exhibitors who would have liked to sit and natter over tea and food. Maybe we’ll have to organise something else for next year!

Thirty-four cattledogs entered for Jeff Luscott at Crufts and a reminder that we are in Hall 4, ring 15 not our usual hall. The judging time has also changed and we are in the ring at ten o’clock so a little less of a rush to start. I am interested to see the new “Obreedience” competition which is featured on Saturday this year. It sounds like something in which cattledogs should be more than capable of taking part. A team of four dogs is required and the exercises appear to be group heelwork and then either a retrieve, a go to bed, a drop on command or a scent exercise. I do hope it will get good TV coverage as it is on Saturday afternoon. Since there was quite a lot of interest on Facebook the suggestion has been made that we could have regional teams and then a knock out competition to see which team could be put forward for next year. If this is something you think you might like to have a go at, I suggest you watch out for the competition on TV or have a look if you are at Crufts on Saturday.

I am so very sorry to report that Lesley Wright has lost her beloved Boulder. Warrigal Blue Boulder at Coright was bred by Sue Huntingdon out of Warrigal Blue Cooma by Kristad Eureka Digger. He was born on 28th December 1998 so celebrated his fifteenth birthday last December. He had some health problems over the last couple of years but was clearly enjoying himself when he came along to the herding day at Sarah’s. The time had to come but that doesn’t make it any easier and I know Lesley and Robert will miss him terribly, my sympathy on your loss.

14th February 2014

I was sorry to hear that Gloucester and DCS did not get any entries for their Open Show on 22nd February. I know I am guilty of forgetting to get an entry off, perhaps I am too used to having reminders emailed to me and am getting lazy about using my own memory! However I know the judge has a personal engagement which was going to make his day very complicated so the bright side is that he now gets a lay in and a leisurely day instead! I will try and remember to add this show to our diary so that we can try and do better next year for them.

A reminder that 23rd February is ACD walk day and there are a couple of outings being organised in different parts of the country. John Platt is organising down south and Denise Cartwright further north while I believe Rebecca Roberts is further across. Information is available on the dreaded Facebook on-line but Rebecca can be reached on 01484 423914. Denise says her walk is scheduled to start at 11am at Bradgate Park nr.Leicester. John suggests meeting at the Swann Inn Bar & Restaurant, Newtown Berkshire at 12.30 for the route he has in mind (probably once round the pub and then lunch!). I hope the weather will be kind, not that the dogs care, they will enjoy a wet muddy walk even if their owners would prefer to be indoors.

Don’t forget to send your points forms in to Lesley Wright for the ACDS of GB Members Trophies, details were with the newsletter. Please don’t leave it to the last minute to send off your Open Breed and Limited Obedience show entries, it makes the show secretary’s life very difficult when the entries arrive late.

Crufts will soon be upon us, a respectable entry of cattledogs for Jeff Luscott. We are first in the ring and I believe a change of hall for us, Hall 4 instead of our usual Hall 1.

Take care in this wet and windy weather, I hope all our ACD people are still above water. Stay safe.

10th January 2014

Well the ACDS of GB Newsletter was mostly completed by the 31st December 2013. There were a couple of outstanding items and sadly the list of names of the judges for all this year’s Championship Shows is not quite complete – if anyone knows the missing people, do tell! The Newsletter has been sent to Members along with a copy of the schedule for the Open Show in April, notification of the AGM, Membership Renewal Form and Standing Order Mandate, Rules and Regulations and a flyer for the Fun Show that will follow the AGM. Any errors or omissions are most probably mine, apologies for those. If you have paid a subscription but not received a copy by the time these notes appear, please email or call me.

The Secretary for Gloucester and DCS has very kindly emailed to say that there will be three ACD classes at their Open Show on 22nd February 2014. The judge is Adam Beral, the venue is Hand Equestrian Centre, Clevedon and schedules are available from or telephone 01452 721216.

NW&PBS Open Show is on Saturday 15th February, postal entries close Thursday 16th January but on-line entries can be made up to midday on 23rd January. This is a central venue, at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry, and NW&PBS have supported ACDs in the UK for many years so it is nice to give them an entry.

The ACDS Open Show has a Limited Obedience show as well which is an ideal opportunity to have a go at obedience competition work before dipping into the big world of open competitions. Start practicing now – today’s hot tip – get your stays perfected and you could be in with a good chance of winning!

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