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Lanner Falcon and Austmans Wild Child A.K.A Dylan and Dottie Reid

Lanner Falcon and Austmans Wild Child A.K.A Dylan and Dottie Reid

Obi, aged 8. Owned by Hayley Godwin.

The Lunardi’s Roo (left) and Skippy (right) with their friend “Guiness”, a terrier cross.

Walking through Hilary’s Rally course at our Summer Funday, 2011

Bobbing for apples… or was it tennis balls?

The Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Test at the 2011 Summer Funday. The Society were very grateful to Celia Vines for judging the event.

Cooling off… Cattle Dog style!

Demonstrating the intelligence of ACD’s!

Agility at the Summer Funday, 2011

Very sloppy demonstration of how to do a Rally course by Adam.

Dottie & Dylan owned by Louise Reid

Digger, owned by Philip and Linda Ashley.

Zircy on the left and Zena right. Sadly Zena had to be put to sleep this January due to Lymphoma. Sadly missed by Pat Adams.


Roo & Didge

Nipper & Roo

Richard & Jane Scott’s Bundy with Scout the Jack Russell, busy crop walking!

Skippy – Cooley’s Red Aroona – daughter of TBone & Flo. Skippy took the tests for the Bronze & Silver award of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme both on the same night (aged 10 months) as she had to miss the first test date of the Bronze award due to being in season. She is currently training for the Gold award.


  1. Carol Smith replied:

    Well done Adam the site is very easy to use. Will send you some pictures of Roo and Didge soon.

  2. Mark Graham replied:

    Beautiful ACDs displayed in the above photos. It is fantastic to see this remarkable breed so well recieved and promoted in all parts of the world with many well organized clubs sponsering events, shows and activities. I applaud your club membership.

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    Hi are there many blue Heelers needing homes I’ve been considering getting a blue heeler for sometime I have a collie kelpie x and think he’would like a mate as he is very friendly with other dogs would love some more info of contacts for puppie breeders or rescues that need rehousing thanks

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