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Whether you own an Australian Cattle Dog or merely have an interest, why not join our society and help support the breed?

The benefits include:

  • a say in the future health of our beloved breed
  • regularly hosted society events for ACDs and their owners
  • a quarterly newsletter featuring news about the ACD in the UK and beyond
  • access to a vast network of experienced breeders, exhibitors, trainers and owners of ACDs
  • regular information on society events and shows
  • advice and contacts in pet and competitive obedience, working trials, the show world, agility, flyball and herding
  • access to genealogical knowledge of the breed from the people who brought it into the country… why not find out your dog’s family tree?

If you are interested, please contact our Membership Secretary, Bob Murrell by email:

You can download a membership application form here: Membership Application Form

Membership runs from January to December. To renew your membership or to set up a standing order to renew annually, please download and complete the relevant forms here  membership-renewal-form

NB: Membership is conditional to agreement with our Code of Ethics and may be subject to referral by an existing member.

Please contact the society for full details.

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