Below are details of Australian Cattle Dogs that are currently looking for a good home. If you would like to provide that home, please contact our rescue co-ordinator Stella Smyth by phone on (0118) 979 3399

If you are considering rehoming your Australian Cattle Dog, please contact the dog’s breeder in the first instance. If you are unable to make contact with them, please contact Stella Smyth as above.

Please note: ACD rescue is run exclusively by breed enthusiasts in their own time using money from their own pockets. As such, the ACD Society has a separate Welfare Account which holds funds to assist with the costs of rehoming ACDs where needed. To make a donation to the Welfare Account, please contact our treasurer by email on:






  1. Adam Beral replied:

    Have you seen an ACD advertised for rescue that isn’t listed on this page? Perhaps it is on an internet site or in your local rescue kennels and the ACD Society don’t know about it? Are you a breeder wanting to rehome a returned dog? If so, leave a comment below and we can all work together to try and find them a forever home. Links to adverts on other websites are welcomed.

  2. Adam replied:

    Hi Vernon

    If you pop your details in an email to I will put you in touch with our rescue co-ordinator.

    Adam Beral

  3. pat presch replied:

    I had one for 14 years and I miss her dearly great family dogs hardly ever bark and are so loving and loyal great with kids too

  4. Julie Timmins replied:

    I lost my gorgeous Blue, she was red 🙂 she was amazing, she was the best frisby catcher, she even did the showing off jumps, we had her for 7 and a half fun filled years until she ate rat/slug poison a month ago, 2 weeks before she was going to fly back to the uk with us, the whole family miss her heaps 😦
    We are hoping to get another dog because our daughters dog misses her too and researching most breeds we have decided our next dog can only be an Australian Cattle dog, they are fun, loyal, obedient, excellent to train and such good company.
    I suppose my point is, if you have any puppies or very young females, would you let me know please 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  5. simon buckley replied:

    does flint need a home as i am looking for a acd blue heeler male. is all the females brown?

  6. Steve Wall replied:


    I need help finding a good home for our ACD, he is a four – five year old stumpy tailed cattle dog that we originally took in as a rescue (in Australia) and bought back to this country last year. He is red/white and is just a big cat really, loves to sit on laps. He deserves a wonderful home with lots of attention but we just cant provide it at the minute, please help.

    • Adam replied:

      Hi Steve

      I have passed your email on to our Rescue Co-ordinator – she will be in touch.

      Thanks for getting in contact.


    • Tanya replied:

      Hi Steve,
      Have you had any joy in re-housing your boy yet?
      We have been in search of an ACD rescue for a while.
      I hope we can help!
      Kind regards,
      Tanya quinton

  7. M. Adamson replied:

    I am a Texan living in the north UK. I have had dogs all my life, but my last dog ‘Blue,’ a Blue Heeler/ German Shepherd cross, was an exceptional companion and friend that watched over me constantly. He had a black patch over an eye and was a blue merril color. 7 yrs ago, in Texas, he was tragically killed by a Javalina hog that I know now he protected me from. Though I now live in a small cottage without a yard, I have considered giving an older, well trained heeler mx a home because I have access to the moors. I would appreciate being in touch if a good match comes available. Thank you.

    • Mandy replied:

      Hi, I have a beautiful blue heeler boomer that is very well trained (spent years and thousands of pounds on training him) sadly due to marriage breakup he is no longer getting the life he deserves! Boomer is beautiful but has a few quirky traits that need to be discussed and fully understood.
      I also live in the north and would be very happy to introduce boomer to you over a period of time to allow him to settle and get used to his new surroundings. He is a very loyal, loving, pleasureable well trained dog that is missing out on life at the minute. If you would be interested in meeting boomer please let me know.

      • m. adamson replied:

        Hi Mandy,
        Thank you for replying. I am so sorry you are having to re-home Boomer. I am visiting in the States until the first of October, but will talk with my husband and get back to you. In the meantime, if another prospect for Boomer comes up please don’t pass it up. It sounds like Boomer is young and active, and with the limited space we have in our home, HE might not consider it adequate. In any case, I will contact you when we arrive back home.
        All the best

      • Tanya replied:

        My partner and I have been looking for quite a while now for a Blu Heeler, we would really love to be able to help you with Boomer.

        We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


      • emma smith replied:

        Hi mandy, me and my partner have been after a blue heeler for a few years and would b really happy to meet boomer if you still have him. X

  8. wayne jackie replied:

    hi stella just to say thank you for misty and eliot they are doing great and working hard could not do with out them now glad I had them both was the right thing to do got them both round the livestock but eliot still not keen on jumping in to truck . misty is a hand full now with the stock but still would not part with her they are hear for good . if you get a younger one in dog or bitch bear me in mind would take on another one as these have settled in a treat. cheers wayne and Jackie.

  9. Tanya replied:

    Hi Mandy,

    My partner and I have been looking for quite a while now for a Blu Heeler, we would really love to be able to help you with Boomer.

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


    • mand135 replied:

      Hi Tanya, where do u live?
      I live in Manchester


    • mand135 replied:

      Hi Tanya,

      Where do u live we live in Manchester.


  10. emma smith replied:

    If you get any blue heeler below age 5 plz gettin touch as we r very interested xx thanks xx

  11. mand135 replied:

    Hi Tanya did you get my reply u can ring me on 07818035033


  12. mand135 replied:

    Hi Emma where do u live?

    • emma smith replied:

      I live in Blackpool hun, do you have any pictures of boomer


      • mand135 replied:

        Send me ur email address can’t seem to put pics on here!

  13. emma smith replied:

    Yes no probs, it’s
    Thanks x

  14. steve devlin replied:

    Hi I live in North Devon and i am looking to give a home to a active ACD preferably male without any major issues he would be a family member and companion for my 2 1/2 year old Kelpie girl, if anyone can help or knows of a ACD that needs a home please do not hesitate to contact me.

  15. Michael brock replied:

    Hi I’ve had a blue heeler in the past it was a great loss to me when he (roger),died it’s taking me some time to get over this as any dog owner will tell you it’s like losing one of the family . we’re now ready to take a dog back into our lives and it goes without saying it couldn’t be nothing less than a blue heeler that would fill the void, amazing dogs. Kind regards michael

  16. Janey Stevens replied:

    Hi I live in Wales in the Cambrian Mountains and lost my beautiful, intelligent, best friend, Halley (ACD x collie) in June…She was an amazing, clever, funny, loyal, quick witted, sweet natured girly, who often tried to pre-empt what you wanted doing! She also worked me with the me with our horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, other dogs and cats…as you can see she has left a gaping hole in our lives. I am now looking for an ACD or ACD x collie. We have lots of animals as you can see, 9 acres of land and a lot of love to offer.. If you know of one that would fit the bill please let me know….thank you

    • bryndingo replied:

      Hi Janey – I live near you (depending which area of the Cambrians you live) and you’re welcome to come and visit my lot any time. I have blues and my son has a red ACD. My email is I might know of one that could possibly be of interest to you. Regards, Iona

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi, are you still looking for a dog? We have an ACD x collie looking for a home, please contact Stella on 0118 979 3399

      • Janey Stevens replied:

        Yes, yes, yes …I will phone you if you still have one available, Just seen this

      • Hilary replied:

        yes, we have a lady looking to rehome her collie x ACD if you email me your email i can send you photo’s and her contact details

    • Hilary replied:

      Hi, please call or email we have been asked to help rehome 2 acd x collies. Contact either Stella or myself

  17. Rafael replied:

    Hi guys I’m looking for a blue heller, for work with me on the farm.??
    Can some one give me a help??

  18. Diarmuid Cahill replied:

    Here in west of Ireland looking for australian cattle dog preferrable blue male

  19. Paul Coleman replied:

    i have a 4 1/2 yr old blue heeler I’m looking to rehome can you please contact me on 07776147815 to discuss

    • emma smith replied:

      Hi can u tell me your location.please as very interested, thanks x

  20. Claire Bacon replied:

    I am fostering a blue ACD bitch, she is years old and neutered. She was brought over from Australia. She is really easy in most ways, shows no interest in live stock, never go’s very far away on walks. We are looking for an active home for her and it would be great if she could go to someone that has had the breed before. We are just South of Bristol.

    • emma smith replied:

      Hi, me and my partner are interested in your female blue heeler, could you please let me know her age as not stated on the post, we live in Blackpool very close to the beach and 2 parks and although haven’t had this breed have been after one for years and have studied the breed


    • Steve Devlin replied:

      Hi Claire, I am looking for a youngish ACD is Pepper still looking for a good home, I am down in Barnstaple North Devon and Pepper would have company throughout the day as my wife works from home, I have a rescued Australian Kelpie bitch who is three this March so Pepper would have a similarly aged companion any further info and a photo would be appreciated.

  21. Emma Lee replied:

    Hi, I work in a refuge in SW France and we have a blue heeler that has come in from a puppy farm. He is in good condition although he has a sordid history and has been living in the dark most of his life. He is now castrated. He’s called Droopy (I know – doesn’t bode well for an ex-stud dog!) Droopy is smart and very affectionate. He loves cuddles, walks well on the lead and is fine with other males and with cats. He is a bit of a digger judging from his ‘digger’ face on arrival, but I suspect that was boredom and lack of guidance. He has been waiting for a home for three weeks, which is unusual for a pedigree dog. However, ACDs are not popular or known in France. Of all the breeds, there is not an association set up in France that takes a specific interest in them.

    It would not be much of a problem to get him over to the UK but I didn’t want to impose. Having worked in UK rescue, I know things are not much different on the other side of the channel and you might not want to consider animals from abroad.

    • emma smith replied:

      Hi, I live in Blackpool England and would love to know more about droopy as we have been after adopting a blue heeler for a few years. How old is he etc and would you b able to send some pics

  22. emma smith replied:

    Hi I’m interested in your female blue heeler, could you please let me know her age as not stated in the post. We live in Blackpool near to a park and the beach and although not had this breed before we have been looking for one for a few years

    Thanks, emma

  23. Claire Bacon replied:

    Hi, the bitch be have is 3, let me know any other questions you have,

    • emma smith replied:

      Could you tell me a bit more about her like her temperament and name and maybe send some pics to my email so I can see her. I am on hol for 2 weeks in 9 days but would possibly love to meet her x

  24. Claire Bacon replied:

    She is called Pepper, she was brought over from Australia by her owners who then couldn’t look after her. She is great with people, my 11yo sister has been teaching her a bit of agility. She’s good with other dog’s, we have collie’s and Belgium shepherds who she is great with. She loves a tennis ball and her food. I can’t see how I find your e mail to send you pics?

    • emma smith replied:

      Sorry hun I forgot to add it, So far she sounds perfect though x

      • emma smith replied:

        Hiya, dunno if you received my email but the pics didn’t come through right. Thanks x

  25. michaela bundy replied:

    hi I have absolutely fallen in love with the breed, and look for one to join our family. Have been looking for a while but not had much luck. I already have a mad collie x springer so will have plenty of exercise, and will also be a helping hand on the farm. Preferably would like a blue female. Please let me know if anyone knows of one. Thanks

  26. Jonathan Phillips replied:

    Hi, we are looking for an young adult family-friendly ACD to adopt. We live in the countryside of West Sussex with a large garden and surrounded by footpaths and bridleways so we can assure the dog of a good and active life.
    Please let me know if you can help.

  27. Louise replied:

    I have two cats already, one was a stray and the other from cats protection dundonald…..and need a puppy to bond (ish) with them…but I know if I get a dog I need one who lives long..I am 40 in June ,no kids . Wud really love another companion in life!

  28. Jordie replied:

    Hey, I live in Thurrock in Essex,
    I have previously had border collies, I’m dying to have a cattle dog, preferably male. If anyone can point me in point me in the right direction that would be great

  29. Beverly replied:

    I am looking for a youngish ACD bitch as a pet. Have had ACD before and love everything about them. Someone like ‘Pepper’ sounds perfect so am sure she’s gone by now. Open to suggestions.

  30. steve replied:

    Hi any male ACDs looking for a permanent home, I am still currently looking to give a good home to one down here in North Devon to live with me and the family and our 3 year old Australian Kelpie girl

  31. Emma Fouracres replied:

    Hi there We are looking for a Blue Heeler – preferable a pup. If not a socialised ACD, as we
    are an active family living in the countryside with an array of animals!! Experienced in breed. Many thanks!

  32. Dean Carey replied:

    I am looking to buy a blue heeler pup or take on a young rescue acd. Any information would be much appreciated. I live near a huge forest 2 miles from the sea. Wanting an acd as I’m pretty active.

  33. Sally Nicholas replied:

    I’ve just relocated to the UK after 24 years in Australia. For 16 of those my best friend was Josie my blue ACD.
    Would love to share my life with another bluey.

    • Lou replied:

      I’ve got Cattle Dog all my live. But my boy is now 11 years and I’m looking for a blue heeler girl. a pup or rescue girl.
      If you now a good ACD blue girl, please contact me.

      I’m based near Edinburgh

  34. Tony Lysycia replied:

    Hello everyone,

    I had an amazing Blue Heeler cross with a Welsh Border collie for 13 wonderful years. We both shared the best life spending almost everyday together, I took her everywhere, although she would argue SHE took me everywhere!

    She died peacefully in my arms 5 weeks ago tonight as I held her close and said goodbye, the next day I buried her in my garden. Very sad yes, but happy in the fact that she was so loved and had a full, happy life.

    I am trawling the internet trying to find another ACN mix but cannot find one. Is there anyone who can help? I would give the dog a great, active, outdoor life.



  35. Adrian replied:


    I am looking for a Australian cattle dog puppy

    Can anyone help me out. I live in the nw UK and would aprechiate any help


  36. Matthew Donaldson replied:

    Hi my names Matt Donaldson, I live on a farm in Scotland I farm sheep and cattle my Collie Aris shows no interest in cows and I have recently changed to Hereford cattle. I worked with a Bluey in NZ that moved Herefords I fell in love with working with them and I am desperate to get hold of a Heeler share in my adventures and help me move my cattle and live a life they are born to live!

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      May have a suitable ACD . Nearly 4 year old bitch, spayed, brought in from Australia where it worked with it’s owner. Not settling into urban life in Leceister.

    • driveg replied:

      Hi have you found an ACD?

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi, we may have something suitable please call Stella, our rescue co ordinator on 0118 979 3399
      Thanks Hilary

  37. Leo deen Lord of timbersbrook replied:

    Iam looking for a Australian cattle day from 12mths to 4 years male can you help Thank you 07957241826

  38. L Pearce replied:

    Looking for an Australian Cattle Dog as a family pet, happy to re-home a rescue dog.

    • L Pearce replied:

      I should also add we have a cat and are a noisy family lol. I grew up with dogs but as a family my kids have never had a dog and are desperate for one. My husband wants a cattle dog and feels that as he will mainly be looking after it, he should get to choose. We don’t care what gender, colour or age. Thanks 🐺

  39. Anne Cornyn replied:

    Where do you adopt from? I love the breed and would rather resue than buy, im near glasow in scotland. Thank you for your time

  40. Barbara Milton replied:

    We live in Wales and are looking for a blue heeler to join our family. My partner has owned one before and does not want any other breed. Must get on with other animals and children.

  41. Benjamin hargreaves replied:

    Hi we are looking for a acd puppy preferable a bitch we live in the West Yorkshire area . We currently keep border collies but are fancying a acd cannot find one anywhere . We live on a farm with livestock

  42. Wendy Broughton replied:

    Can I suggest everyone looking for a rescue at the moment contact Hilary Powell, her number will be in contacts. She has details of two cattledogs in need of new homes.

  43. liam replied:

    hi im looking for a acd i live alone in the countryside and im genarlly always out doors either working running or hiking and looking for a cattle dog to keep me company preferably quite a young one as ill have to train to deal with live stock and other dogs ok thank you

  44. Christopher F replied:


    I live on the Isle of Man; my fiancee is Australian and we have spent some time in Australia. We would like to take on a young male Blue heeler if any are available, but would consider other acd’s

    Thanks in advance,


  45. Emily replied:

    Hi. I have a 12 month old male ACD. My husband has always wanted one, I was reluctant to it as we have 2 bulldogs who are easy and lazy! We also have twins on the way and we can’t give him what he deserves. My husband doesn’t want him to go, but i feel a third dog has changed the dynamics of our little family with our other dogs. Our ACD is amazing. He’s so clever, good with children and other dogs and he loves to learn. He needs someone that doesn’t work and maybe lives on a farm and would work him and train him, like he’s bred to do. His mind is constant and it needs to be put to use!

  46. driveg replied:

    Hi I need help finding a forever home for my ACD. I wrote on here a few days ago but my comment hasn’t been posted.
    I have a 12 month old male who is utterly amazing, but doesn’t fit into our family. He needs a lot of love as he’s pretty spoilt! He’s so so clever and obedient and needs a home where someone doesn’t work who has the time to train him as he’s so bright, he’s very easy to teach. Please please help.
    Thank you

    • Hilary replied:

      This dog has now been rehomed

  47. Rafael Marins replied:

    I’m still looking for a ACD dog for work with me in the farm, if you guys know some rehome or puppies need a good work farm house, please contact me. Visit welcome .
    Thanks Rafael

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi, would you call Stella Smyth our rescue co ordinator 0118 979 3399

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi, for a rescue contact Stella on 0118 979 3399 or email me and I will send to contact details of breeders

  48. Moritz Schwannecke replied:

    Me and my partner are very interested in getting an Australian cattle dog puppy. Do you know of any breeders that you would recommend or any puppys that are available in the near future?

    Thanks mo

  49. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi Chris, will email you there is a possibility of a young male.

  50. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi, I have called and left my number, please call. I thought I would try can pair you and Chris flood. If thats not workable will discuss other options.

  51. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi, please see previous ‘comment’

  52. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi, would you like to email me so I can ask about your circumstances / requirements. I can send you a lust of breeders too.

  53. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi, please email me and I can send you the details and advice.

  54. Jim Upson replied:

    I’m looking for a blue or red heeler pup
    Can you help?


  55. Hilary Powell replied:

    Hi, if you email me I will send you a list of UK kennel club registered breeders

  56. catherine m haynes replied:

    Having rescued my darling cattledogs from qld when living there and bought them back home, ,and now having lost them both last year – I am missing them dreadfully .Is Pepper still looking for a hom
    e ? thanks catherine

    • Hilary replied:

      Hi, Pepper has recently been homed. We don’t currently have any in rescue but this can change quickly . It would be best to contact Stella Carpenter 01189793399, she is the rescue co ordinator and keeps a list of people interested in rehoming an ACD. Thank you

    • Hilary replied:

      Hi Catherine,it would be worthwhile contacting Stella, our co ordinator as Pepper is back in rescue.0118 979 3399 please or email her on

  57. Celia Holmes replied:

    Hello, we are looking to give a fantastic home to an ACD. Our blue ACD boy passed away last year and we miss him dreadfully. We have no other pets but we do have children. We live in Kent, two minutes walk from the beach. Please do e-mail me at

    Thank you!


  58. Beverley replied:

    I grew up with an ACD in Australia and I remember him being loving, fun, loyal, obedient and protective.

    I am thinking of bringing one or maybe two (to keep each other company).

    I do not want puppies.

    We have a number of acres and a stream with sheep on the other side. The sheep are not ours and the dog/s would not be allowed to chase them or go on that land, everything is fenced.

    We live in Winchester.

    Can anyone help?


  59. Hilary replied:

    Hi, would you call Stella Smyth our rescue co ordinator 0118 979 3399 please or email her on Thank You

  60. Steph Davies replied:

    Myself and my partner live on a small farm in the new forest and have been looking into getting an ACD for some time now. Is there anyone who could offer some advice/guidance on where and how to start our search?
    Thank you in advance

  61. Hilary replied:

    Hi, if you would like to email me i’d be happy to advise you and send you a list of KC breeders. If it is a rescue that you are interested in contact Stella on 0118 979 3399.

  62. Lord leo deen replied:

    Is pepper good with over animals please as I have a smallholding leo looking for an Australian cattle dog

  63. Colin stewart replied:

    Hi, can you tell me if they socialise well with other dogs…ive been interested in a cattle dog for years but have huskies, cant let these off lead…looking for a dog to run alongside me when I train them….

  64. Wendy Broughton replied:

    To answer your question honestly, you can get a cattledog and socialise like mad, but, once they reach maturity it is common for them to become extremely choosy who they want to be friends with, and can be reactive. I find that they are ok with dogs they have already met when young, but have to be carefully introduced to strangers.

  65. James rummery replied:

    Hi my names james am looking for a cattle dog either a puppy or to rescue a young dog some pointers would be very gratefull many thanks

    • Hilary replied:

      Hi, best to contact the Rescue Co ordinator Stella Smyth, her telephone number is at the top of these posts. Should you want a list of KC breeders email me :

  66. Zac bloom replied:

    I’m looking for an ACD to your are family we have a lovely English Springer Spaniel, chickens and 17 month baby boy…but looking to expand the family. We live on the edge of the countryside in Manchester. Looking for an old pal with some training. If Anyone knows of doggie that needs a loving home please reply to me.

  67. Hilary replied:

    Hi, best contact the Rescue Co ordinator Stella Smyth at the telephone number at the top of this page.

  68. Mia replied:

    Hi. We’re looking to get a male red heeler pup to keep our blue heeler female company (which we got as a rescue in Australia and brought back to the uk this year). Do you know any suitable breeders or rescues? Thanks, Mia.

    • Hilary replied:

      Hi, if you email me ( I can send you a list of UK breeders and our rescue co ordinator is Stella:

  69. Delia Cook replied:

    Hello, are you still operating as a rehoming centre?

  70. Michelle Atkins replied:

    Hi. I am from the states now living in the UK and I am looking for a blue or red heeler pup…unfortunately i’m having difficulty finding one in the UK.

  71. Adrian Black replied:

    We now have space in our home and our lives for another rescue dog. We are attracted to the acd characteristics and would like to investigate adoption of a rescue.
    Not fussed over age or colour, just happy to offer a home where needed.
    I would be grateful if you could let me know how best to move forward.
    Kind regards


  72. Harry Muddle replied:


    I’m looking to get a blue healer/ACD for when I return from Australia,

    I live on a farm and would be looking for a puppy ideally.

  73. Sandra Ryan replied:

    Desperately looking for a young red butch. Sadly lost our old loyal girl who has left a big hole in our family. Please can you keep me in mind if you get any red females for a loving forever home with plenty of running space.
    Thank you

  74. Hilary replied:

    Hi, I would suggest you contact Stella ( details above ) as she maintains a list of people who are interested in rehoming. She will need some details so that she is in a position to ‘match’ you should a red bitch come up.

  75. Hilary replied:

    Could you email me and i can send you a list of KC breeders. Most breeders have long waiting lists and a vetting procedure :

  76. Hilary replied:

    yes, we do get the occasional ACD to rehome more commonly owners ask us to assist them rehome their dogs, without them coming into kennels. Stella ( contact details above ) maintains a list of people interested in rehoming a dog and details of dogs needing homes.

  77. Rob & Sarah Bryan replied:

    Hi Hilary, we live in rural home with 20acres of land, we have 3 dogs, 2x Jack Russell brother and sister 8 years old, great dogs and do a great job controlling vermin and rabbits and we also have a beautiful 13 year old rough collie we rescued 6 years ago, we were told by vet she may not have to much longer left but without letting her suffer we hope we will still have a good while with her yet. I love what I have heard about ACD and Stumpy tail dogs, do they mix well with other dogs and kids, we 3 children aged 5,8&9 all grown up with and they are very respectful of dogs? Rob & Sarah

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi, It would be quite a different scenario placing a rescue into an existing pack rather than a puppy. it is very unusual for a rehome dog not to have issues of one sort or another. The breed does tend to be feisty with other dogs and are true to what they are breed to do. I would suggest you contact Stella ( as above ). However, if you email me on i can send you some information on the breed and a list of KC registered breeders if you wish. joining the Facebook group : Australian Cattle Dogs GB is a good way to gain insight into the breed.

  78. Peter Wilson replied:

    Hi, I’m interested in rehoming ACD, hope to hear from yourselves in due course.

    • Hilary Powell replied:

      Hi Peter, would be best to phone Stella on the number above as she would need to take details about your experience with dogs / ACD’s to access whether there maybe a suitable rehome. Thank tou

  79. Iona replied:

    Hi Robert

    Could you send me your email address so that I can send you more details, or email me directly at


  80. Jessica Roberts replied:

    Good morning,

    I’ve seen an ACD online at Pets4Home for rehoming with this associations name attached. Please can we enquire more details.

    Many thanks,

    Jessica and Bryce

    • Iona replied:

      Good Evening Jessica,
      Thank you for your enquiry. That particular girl has found her forever home but I have left the advert up as it is useful to know who may be interested in taking on an older dog when the next one comes along.
      Are you looking for a cattle dog in particular? Do you know much about the breed? Have you met them in the flesh? I’m happy to chat about them further and to keep your details on file although thankfully we don’t get many for rehoming. Responsible breeders will usually take back dogs they have bred or at least will be involved in helping find a new home should it be necessary. We do still get a few for rehoming though, or I get to hear about them and can pass on details to anyone who might be a good match for the dog.

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